Rapped in Devotion (RAP SINGING) 


We present to you the best ‘East + West’ blend: Rap based on The Bhagavad Geeta! The mic and spotlight are yours. Get ready to reverberate to the BTK’s and RISE YOURSELF UP to become the rap god! 



1 or 2 participants are allowed per team. 


Time Duration: 3 minutes per team. 


Participants will have to submit an audio OR a video clip of their performance. 


The topics will be informed via email/WhatsApp after registration. 


A team can either consist of a rapper and a beat boxer or a duo performing over a produced trap beat (using suitable software). 


Plagiarism will not be encouraged. 


The submissions will be considered final. There will be no 3-round selection. 


Participants must emphasize the overall theme of the event (The Bhagavad Geeta) in their performance.