The event is open for the students of class 11 & 12 whose schools are located in Chennai and its suburbs.


The following events will be conducted in 3 levels - a preliminary round (prelims), a semi-final, and a grand finale, in a span of 2 months: Krishna’s Gospel (Elocution - English), Pechu Pecha Irukatum (Elocution - Tamizh) and Viveka Chudamani (Block and Tackle).

Other events: Rapped in Devotion (Rap singing), Mind your Own Design (Poster Designing) and Parables (Short Film making) will require a only single photo/audio/video submission.

All the events will be conducted online.

Each student is allowed to participate in a maximum of 3 events.

Profanity is not permissible. Vulgarity of any form will lead to disqualification.

Discipline and decorum should be maintained.

Government protocols are to be followed during all the events.

The judges’ decision is final.

Participants should log in 10 mins before the scheduled time of the event.

Participants should inculcate the theme (The Holy scripture, the Bhagavad Geeta) in every event they take part in.

Students should ensure that they have a proper background, a functioning webcam and a mic with proper network connectivity for all the events. The participants will not be given a second chance. 

Breaking of any rules will lead to disqualification.



The event is open for the students of class 11 & 12, whose schools are located in Chennai and its suburbs.

Participants who do not fall in the above category will be eliminated.

The registration is open and the last date for registration is 20th August 2021


After registration, the students will be contacted individually via email/WhatsApp regarding the details about the date of the prelims and the topics of their respective events. The timings and the link for participation will also be sent via Email/WhatsApp. 


Please follow the Instagram and Facebook pages of the event, where the updates would be posted.

In case of any queries please mail to us at